A bar is a place to break free, have fun, and chill after a long day or week. But although it is a fun spot, there are still rules to follow. Following the right etiquette is going to guarantee that you will have the best time without bothering anyone. Here are some of the unspoken rules that every adult should know before hitting the bar.

Always Tip the Bartender:

It doesn’t matter if you are ordering a crazy mojito or a regular beer; you still need to tip your bartender. You don’t have to do it every time you order but you should at least try to do it once at the end of the night. This is how you guarantee that they will remember you next time you come.

Know Which Kind of Bar You are In:

There are different kinds of bars and they offer different types of drinks. If you can’t find your favorite drink on the menu then you’ve probably picked the wrong bar in the first place. In that case, you might want to stick to a beer to avoid disappointments.

Have your Order Ready:

Mojitos and cocktails take time and a bar is always a busy place. If you are going to the bar with a group, make sure that you have your order ready before the bartender gets to you. A lot of people keep on waiting until a drink is ready before they order another one. This will keep your bartender busy so he can’t move on to other people.

Avoid Being a Bar Gerbil:

People who work at bars hate gerbils. These are people who keep on shredding napkins, tissue paper, labels, menus and any other objects that they can find on their table or at the bar. Some people do it out of anxiety, especially if they are not comfortable with whatever is going on around them. However, this is every bar employee’s nightmare. Think of the amount of cleaning they have to do at the end of the night just because you were feeling a little bit stressed.

Don’t Wave your Money:

Waving money to flag a bartender is considered to be extremely rude and is frowned upon by all bartenders. All you have to do is to lay your cash or card on the bar and wait until the bartender makes eye contact.

Always Ask for Permission if You Want to Buy Someone a Drink:

Whether you are a man or a woman, you shouldn’t buy someone a drink without asking for their permission first. The bartender can tell them on your behalf but will ruin your chances if you are trying to get to know someone.

Be Patient:

Getting your drinks at the bar is not like picking a can of beer from the fridge. You will have to wait in line and expect the bartender to be busy. You shouldn’t talk down to the bartender like he is someone who doesn’t have a real job. In fact, treating him with respect is a must.

Following these rules will guarantee that you’ll always be welcomed wherever you go. These are not written rules that you can find hanging on the wall, but breaking them might get you in trouble.