Are you planning to visit the country of Australia and its city Melbourne? Well, if you do you might want to know the best bars in the city that you have to visit during your trip.

If you are a person who loves cocktails well the best place for you to go is Romeo Lane. They say that the cocktail they offer wants you to come back again and again in their place, the place is filled with comfort and class and the cocktails are perfectly served with perfect cuts of glassware.

If you want a more static place and love to drink wine then Gerald’s Bar is the place for you, they offer more than 200 types of wine and the vibe of the place is so good.

If you want to choose different varieties of drinks like whiskey, wine, beer, cocktails and many more the place will be Bar Liberty you will have a very long menu to choose from.

There is also a bar that offers foods and drinks just like what they serve in the US of A. Freddie Wimpole’s make a good impression of foods that originated in America so if you miss the taste of your food way back home this is the perfect place for you.

If you want to enjoy the view while eating or drinking then you have to go to the Arbory Bar and Eatery. The in between the icons of the country the Yarra river and the Flinders street station this is the city’s longest bar.

There is a bar that brings European food into the table, Amarillo is a European café. Once you are inside the café you will really fell that you are in Europe along with its tall white walls, blond timbers, flatteringly low lighting and many more that will really make you feel like you are in Europe while in Australia.

If you are a whiskey lover and beer fanatic then Boilermaker House is the place you should want to go. The house has the largest collections of different kinds of whiskeys in the city bringing up 700 different type of whiskeys in the table.

If you heard that there is a bar with a capacity of only ten people you will immediately think that it is the worst bar in town and think that it is a bad idea for you to go there. Well, all of that is false thanks to Bar Americano, this place is also very hard to find but no one leaves there without being awe with the product and services that they offer.

If you want to feel the Mexican spirit well Bodega Underground is the place for you to visit, this place you have the chance to choose the different variety of tequilas not just that they also offer street foods that you only see in Mexico.

If you are a guy that loves Gin the Gin Palace is the place where you belong.