Do you dread hitting the bar alone? You shouldn’t. Doing it will improve your skills at handling the world on your own if you have recently become single or are currently trying to spend more time on your own. Being alone at the bar will encourage more people to try to approach you so you might end up getting to know some interesting people.

You Can Give an Interesting Person Your Number:

You might be too embarrassed to do this when you are with a group of friends, but being alone can actually encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Just because you hit the bar on your own doesn’t mean that you should stay all by yourself. If you have got your eyes on the bartender, you can slip your number by writing it on a napkin and give it to him or her when the bill comes. If you are interested in someone at the bar, you can write it on a napkin or coaster and just leave it in front of them. Your bartender can also become your wingman or woman by introducing you to other solo guests.

Make Your Own Drink:

If you are on your own, this might be a chance to get to know the bartender. Don’t worry about him or her misunderstanding you. Bartenders are used to people trying to get to know them for different reasons and if you are clear about it from the beginning they won’t get you wrong. You can take the chance to ask your bartender to prepare a special drink for you that it not on the menu. You can pick your favorite ingredients to make your signature drink.

Leave your Phone:

Being stuck on your phone when you are alone might be tempting. This way you can avoid eye contact with other people at the bar, but is this what you really want to do? This is your chance to meet new people and enjoy yourself. You need to put your phone away and take a look around. There might be other people who are trying to make eye contact with you or holding a mini party by the jukebox which you can join.

Have Something to Eat:

Most bars have some interesting plates on the menu. If you are hitting the bar right after work, you might want to have a meal. Your bartender knows which drink goes perfectly with the plate you’ve picked. People who eat alone at bars look confident. It shows that they know how to enjoy themselves when they on their own and this might seem interesting to other people.

Become a Regular:

If you usually go to the same bar alone, your bartender is most likely going to remember you and what you like to drink. Expect to be invited for a free drink every now and then. Building a good relationship with the bar’s staff can even help you find a special seat waiting for you every time you go.

Who said that going to the bar on your own can’t be fun? You don’t have to be with anyone else to enjoy your time and this is something that you should learn to do.